Best 4 apps to correct rules errors your writing in English

You may want to send an e-mail task to one of our or just enhance your abilities on writing lines, and here’s a set of applications that are related to grammatical errors or give you lessons in language:

Ginger Keyboard (1

Say you have a large group of the scholars of the language, a keyboard suggests appropriate words and grammatical errors, arrangements and time for as you know the translations for certain words of knowledge. This exclusive app for free, while you can get the same functionality from another application from the same company on iOS, from the links below.

Google Play | Apple Store


2) English Grammar Test

It is one of the most popular apps as single terms offers more than 1,200 training and testing on rules classified by level. And helps you on the learning design for consistency and ease of use.

Google Play

3) Grammarly

A custom keyboard to correct the grammar rules and the proposed wording is better, this and including the name of the custom program for use on eyebrows and add a chrome of the same name, is characterized as totally free, and is available for Android users and iOS.

Google Play | Apple Store

4) Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

The application of the rules of the language as advance from the Oxford University, contains 250 base for punctuation, and features a simple form of subsidized much of the examples. Is available free on Android but to remove ads you must buy your For 11$, while the iOS version is available in exchange for 12$.

Google Play | Apple Store

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