Best 4 apps to calculate the cost of fuel consumption of the vehicle

With the rising cost of fuel in the Arab region during recent periods, we have become need means the process of our aspiration on the cost of fuel consumption for trips that go to it. And there’s always a technical solution for everything, or specifically an app for everything, therefore here we use the best 4 apps to calculate the cost of fuel consumption of the vehicle.

1) tank

 TANKY- screenshot

Tells you the cost of gasoline expected consumption in any career before making the application relies the new prices in the Gulf it is very simple in its design, its operation, and you only need to put start and end point of your journey, which is available free of charge fully supports the Arabic language pointless.

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Fuelio: Gas log & costs (2

 Fuelio: Gas log & costs- screenshot Is the application easy to use to track The Mileage that will kill her or you with her in the recent period to address the costs of the BBQ, the new, as he offers you the cost of a collage about how much to spend on gasoline in the last month or last year or a particular month since the beginning of the run you to investigate with high precision results, as you can use it for more than a vehicle, it is exclusively available free of charge for Android users.

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Drivvo (3

 Drivvo - إدارة المركبة- لقطة شاشة The app offers the possibility to follow the cost of the consumption of your car fuel expenses, vehicle maintenance and all other costs that implemented them, and provides accurate reports about the average fuel consumption for Mileage or in the day unit and monthly expenses also, all you have to do while using the app is the process of recording the information, the more you provide the car with fuel the more you’re out of fuel, and some other information about maintenance and other.

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Fuel Buddy (4

 Fuel Buddy - Car Management; Fuel and Mileage Log- screenshot Is the application of the characteristic is considered a comprehensive way to follow and track The costs that consumed by the car periodically and not just the cost of gasoline made, it says to add the fixes that were on the car and its cost and the work of the overview report detailed, as the app is completely free.

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