Best 3 apps to block ads for iPhone systems, iOS

If you’re tired of this many adverts that appear here and there that pop-up that appears suddenly and in spite of you, if you see that ads consume your balance of data packets to the frequent exhibition of them, especially those animated, image, video. And the consequent of the trace files are saved on your phone to follow your interests were expressed on the network which is a feature that allows the system to display advertisements display what is respect of such interest which is not directly related to your privacy on the internet.

Participated for the networking sites

I was done with this, you will find that the option of blocking ads is the solution of the most rewarding, though it burn your favorite sites which use up deprive them of their income the past which is the president in its continuity. But it is and was your choice, we’ll show you why some of the most important custom applications for iPhone systems, iOS make the design process smoother.

Ad blocking for iPhone

The option to block content on your phone faith Content Blockers an option that is available within the settings of your system. Needed one Applications Specialist to act as a prohibition of advertisements when you surf you are through the Safari browser, this feature won’t stop its work on the Prohibition of the advertising within the page that is working to increase it will inhibit the work of the embedded software that in turn display pop-up adverts.

The option of blocking content available within the system settings, go to “Settings” then “safari” and from there to “the Prohibition of content Blockers”. To activate this option you must provide one application that’ll work on display here.

Best 3 apps to block ads for iPhone systems, iOS

1 – 1Blocker

Of free apps, although it contains some more advanced paid but in all the dreams been about enough to get a ban feature adverts.
Choice for this application activating process in accordance with the method as above, would be provided and 50% of the duration of the page load when you visit websites online, is this water too, you will notice a save the size of your consumption can battery phone.

Application 1Blocker distinct size of 50 MB, and download it from the App Store, follow the link below:


2 – AdGuard

Free Application other celebrities on different operating platforms, application AdGuard features speed up the process of browsing on safari prevents websites from tracking. The app offers additional features paid for advanced users, but the practical advantages of free enough very required where it will increase the speed of browsing through the safari to four times the current situation.

App size is 99 MB and is available for download on the following link:


3 – Crystal

Application of the Crystal is not free of the above. But it is worth the value that it displays $ 0.99, will have the option to customize the list of white and black that blocking either The Complete content you are browsing on internet or working on some exception sites, as we have mentioned that there are sites very useful and inappropriate punishment by deprivation of display their advertisements, which is the only source of income.

Distinct application the speed of the review of the content to 50% and more, and to download this application, follow the following link:



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