Bendable smartphone OPPO — at MWC 2019

OPPO said when they will surprise the audience with his folding smartphone. Moreover, the company also called and the time when to expect its mobile device support 5G. Folding form factor involving vehicle devices bendable displays may become the new trend in the mobile industry. However, he will first find application in the flagship devices. Some of the most famous suppliers of smart phones on the world market will appreciate these innovative devices in the course of opening a technology fair CES and MWC 2019 2019, where will debut a new OPPO, the announcement of which has already been confirmed by the company.

OPPO will show its first bendable smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2019. As reported, the confirmation of such an interesting forthcoming announcement from one of the most famous brands of the modern smartphone market came from the Manager of Oppo’s release of new products Chuck van (Chuck Wang). More communication concerning the new OPPO in a new form factor, was considered by Ivan (Ivan) on the resource page with reference to

OPPO will release 5G mobile in 2020

Without revealing any characteristics of the upcoming to release a bendable smart phone, Chuck van added that OPPO in 2020 will offer consumers a 5G-smartphone.

Which companies will show bendable smartphones at CES and MWC 2019 2019

It is expected that in 2019 it bendable phones will be the most interesting products. Previously, Samsung had shown a prototype of its foldable smart phone Galaxy F. it is Expected that during the MWC, it will be known some more. This exhibition will see the light of a similar smartphone from the second world market leader for devices in this category, Huawei.

LG announcement bendable mobile devices have been waiting for in January next year at CES 2019.

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