Believe it or not| want to put in? Put this device in your nostrils!

Represents weight loss a dream for their God-given appetite or body responds easily to the least amount of food or does not respond as easily to stay away from food, go sport, so how about you stop suffering and avoid a new device is trying to fat by sense of smell?!

Lost developed by researchers at the center Rabin medical in Israel, the device is inserted into the nose to assess the sense of smell, to help therefore lose weight, which is the device that called the researchers the name “Noosa beyond the” NozNoz.

Applies device “Noosa beyond the” NozNoz of previous studies confirm that food odors and sense of smell have a big impact on the amount of what we eat, and based on that, the researchers developed a nasal Silicone Soft reduces the ability to smell, without affecting the development process.

Tested the new device on the 65 adult all suffer from obesity, have followed the researchers measured The weight of each participant, and the sense of smell they have, and the levels of lipid, glucose and insulin in the body since the beginning of the study until its end, has proven the device’s effectiveness in weight loss for those under 50 years of age.

The researchers said that users of the device “Noosa and beyond”, which rose by daily, decreased their preferences in their diet significantly, they became less inclined to travel operations and industrial sweet drinks heavily.

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