Believe it or not| the “heart Ghost”.. a new heart for each patient

If you visited the research lab for regenerative medicine at Texas heart Institute, we will match the two pictures represent the Christian knowledge and in the cultivation of the heart. In the first picture, showing the hand of the founder of the Institute Denton Cooley, who died in November 2016, which is stuck to the heart mechanically quite similar to the first heart was implanted in a human in 1969.

The second image, open the deal in the hands of Doris Taylor, the famous American in the field of regenerative medicine and tissues, the heart of a White High-Gloss, known by scientists as the”heart Ghost” Ghost Heart.

And the Ghost is the heart of a pig, cleaned of all cells, leaving only collagen oppression Olsen, which provides a scaffold protein or a structure to build the heart of the human new almost from scratch.

Scientists say building a new heart through the injection of stem cells from the patient to the heart of the Ghost, which can be with the cultivation of the heart in the patient is the owner of the stem cells without the need to use any inhibitors are suitable, it will not refuse a member of the same cells.

According to Taylor, in her magazine Houston,, in the case of full success to assess the “heart” Ghost, can you transplant the heart with ease in 10 years from now, as it can be technical to get the other human organs, like the bladder, the same technical.

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