Believe it or not| the foundation already Amazon Apple and Google in innovation technology and learn about

To those who marveled at the ability of an intelligent assistant, such as Siri Siri or Alexa Alexa, to recognise their voices to convey a lot of admiration towards the US National Security Agency NSA which ever technology giants, like Amazon and Apple Apple and Google Google, at the innovation of technical years, however I didn’t know about it.

The Hide of the Agency to provide voice recognition to be used in security tasks and the political, such as to identify and capture terrorists, spies and anyone who is determining his identity than just speaking a few words in a phone call, according to a recently published article about documents leaked by former contractor agency Edward snowden, the fugitive outside of the United States of America.

According to documents the voice recognition system Voice Recognition initiated by the National Security Agency NSA was able to draw a map for the image through a mathematical algorithm, or what is known as voice recognition a Voiceprint, which are the features that distinguish the sound of each other, such as the shape of the mouth and a step of sound Pitch, such as indicated that the Agency did not expect the moment on improving the capacity of its system, which has the ability to determine the identity of the person thoroughly after a few words by comparing the voice of his office of the huge of fingerprints stored images.

According to a confidential Memo obtained by the Agency “intercept” is The Intercept, the publisher of the article, the NSA used this technique since 2006 at the very least, years before the products of Amazon and Apple and Google, and they used in to confirm the identity of Saddam Hussein during the process of arrest, in addition to confirmed the identity of a lot of terrorists, headed by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-zawahiri and Abu musab al-zarqawi.

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