Believe it or not, a phone with a battery that lasts for 50 days!

No doubt we want in smart phones battery last longer, keep at least a full day or two at the same time we want a phone slim and stylish. This treatment are its difficult currently, because that would be at the expense of the battery in any case. However, the company Energizer “Energizer” rich definition are the of the largest companies that has a long history in the battery industry, made something extraordinary and wondrous. They have announced a number of smart phones including a phone with a battery enormous $ 18 thousand mAh. See how The Shape of this phone? Is it possible to have a consensus among the users? Or is it just a review of the muscles and competition between companies?

صدق أو لا تصدق هاتف إنرجايزر ببطارية تدوم 50 يوما!

The company Energizer Energizer introduced its smart phones in the World Conference phones. Participated website ExpertReviews in UK some of the images entertaining for Energizer, which can be called the battery of the phone, due to the large concentration on the battery until the phone has become like a card with a clever.

Phone Energizer Power Max P18K Pop is a new phone it looks from its shape like a bank, energy provider of infusion screen. This handset comes with a battery with a capacity of 18000 mAh, so have phone, Power Max P18K Pop the battery five times bigger than the battery of iPhone XS Max that comes with a capacity of 3174 mAh.

Supposed to works phone Energizer Android 9, the phone comes with a thickness of 18 mm or as they call it 0.7 inches, with it’s in the pictures the phone looks bigger than that. However it’s not mentioned the weight of the phone in any of the reports, but it is likely to be the weight of the phone 1 pound of any ” 453.5 grams almost”, this is a very huge thing for the smartphone. (The weight of the iPad Pro)

Of course, with this large battery, the phone Power Max P18K Pop has the ability to survive for days without having to recharge it. This will be the battery life of the phone is unmatched in other smartphones currently. The company says that you can watch the video clips on this phone for two days, and you can listen to 100 hours of audio, or control for a period of 90 hours. It seems the phone on standby mode for 50 days!

And that’s why some users mentioned, it’s on Apple to stop focusing on the thinness and is interested in improving battery life through the inclusion of larger batteries in their devices. It was their opinion in a phone Energizer smart as the phone you don’t want one.

Focused company Energizer hard on the battery life, while the rest of the components of the phone is less than great, it is characterized by the treatment of 2 GHz from the company MediaTek as it is not resistant to shocks and water. But it may be desirable in the case if you’re traveling and you’re away from energy sources.

Among the specifications of the phone, it has a random access memory “RAM” capacity 6 GB, the screen for 6.2 inches, and rear camera triple lens, camera Selfie dual lens perforated. Keep this standard specification for the smart phones with the exception of the card by the city.

And company Energizer to her phone, Power Max P18K Pop in June, and will be priced at 600 euros or 682 USD.

Explicitly we do not know whether the sterility of the companies that offer something reasonable that blends elegance and energy to last longer? Until we have such a phone of this size and weight. I’m afraid what I’m afraid of that if you use it and you’re lying on your back to get away from your hands and on your face so what an ominous.

What do you think of phone Energizer’s new? Is there anyone who needs or is it made for publicity only? Tell us in the comments.



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