Before buying any Chinese phone, think about these things well?

Are Chinese phones is currently a strong contender for many well-known companies in the field of smart phones such as Samsung, Apple, Google and other companies, which compete among themselves to offer the best to its customers, despite the emergence of many Chinese companies that were able to invade the markets recently, however, necessary to take into account these points to avoid many problems, which can give a bad experience for you as a user, and your money wasted.

1. search the phone thoroughly before buying

This step is the most important and difficult, since it is necessary to review a lot of phones, choose reliable, especially in the case of a company not widely known, such as the DOE, even out, and it is necessary to specify a certain budget to put her mind at sea, bearing in mind that the Chinese care about phones with big screen from the category of “phablet”, so it is possible that there be multiple options for phones and small size.

2. does the phone supports the services of the fourth generation or not?

It is necessary to know whether the phone supports the services of the fourth generation or not, to enjoy the services of high-speed Internet, which is sometimes not supported by the phones even though their specifications high.

3 – Do you support the updates ready or not?

It is necessary to put phone updates, in the mind’s eye when you check, for example phones Shawty, come one MIUI, which is updated relatively quickly, however it this company is an exception, so in case you are planning to keep the phone for a long time, look for manufacturers that are interested to update and support the software, especially the OS version.

4 – After sales services

It is necessary to bear in mind, after-sales service, and private maintenance and support, prior to purchase, especially in the absence of a strong manufacturer in our country, since it might be difficult to get spare parts and maintenance.

5. Choose a good seller

Many Chinese companies sell their phones and deal with their customers online through their authorized dealers, such as mezzo, share, oneplus, and others, so it is important to deal with a distributor close to you, relatively, so it can turn quickly in the event of problems, you must know all the reviews your users about the website you intend to deal with them, to avoid future problems.

6 – the presence of costs of customs

When you buy the phone from the outside, you must put the collective costs, the duration of the shipping in mind, so it’s best to purchased from the country you are in, to avoid the waiting period that may take several weeks, in addition to customs which may cause an increase in price.

7 – dealing with the phone

When you begin to use your phone, choose English as the language of the user key, screen settings, and app your official store of Google, if it does not exist and in case you are not able to do so carry a copy of the operating official, as is the practice in some phones Shawty, for example.

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