Been warning Apple about a bug in talks FaceTime Friday since more than a week

Group FaceTime

A recent report by a malfunction in the feature that talks FaceTime collective where you hear basically listening to the other person without his knowledge. It was this background the focus of everyone’s attention in the past few days, but it turns out that he has been informed Apple of this bug since more than a week.

According to a report released by The Wall Street Journal of America, has discovered one of the teenagers in Arizona this imbalance in the property talks FaceTime customs while trying to set up a group conversation during a game Fortnite. Try Grant Thompson and his mother access to Apple in various ways, including trying to send a fax to the company for more than a week to no avail.

And they discovered they need a developer account to report bugs, but even after that they claimed that the security team at Apple didn’t take the problem seriously, at least until recently where he started this back spread on social networking sites. It is not clear whether it will provide bonus to Grant Thompson to find out or not.

In the meantime, it seems that Apple decided to disable conversations FaceTime collective temporarily to be fixed, although we still don’t know when Will Apple re-activate this feature.


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