“Beddit for sleep tracker”.. Apple releases a device hiding under my bed

"Beddit لتعقب النوم".. أبل تصدر جهاز يختبئ تحت ملاءة الفراش

The company announced the Apple released for your sleep tracker Beddit, which serves to track the activities of the sleeper of all, in Step new hopes through its electronics company famous for what it looks like to learn more in the field of Public Health to humans.

Apple and sleep

At the time of the eye the apple of everyone’s attention, in issuing the final feature of the ECG keeps to her hours of smart, the day came to the company, the American multinational for a newer version of their products that are going to the same sin, and in your Beddit to track activity and sleep.

Comes the official version for your Beddit after more than a year, on his appearance for the first time as an idea is amazing, by the manufacturer of the same name, before Apple acquired it, however the declaration about the appearing official for has been delayed a year and a half due to the developments in the region in that period.

Protects your device is newer than the Apple name Beddit 3.5, where the sale of women’s financial 3.0 at the hands of company owners previously, is now sold through Apple valued at $ 150, but without dispensing with the logo of Beddit.

Specification Beddit

Works Beddit to track human sleep automatically, where it is piped to the application Beddit available on the phone to faith, to be ready to measure heart rate, temperature, and development of a person during sleep, in order to improve such an important period for the convenience of his psychological and physical.

The device demonstrates the latest from Apple under my bed, without having any worry of the possibility to disturb him of sleepwalking, which has a thickness of about 2 millimeters only, so it is possible not to feel it or even forget the existence of the foundation.

It should be noted that the device Beddit last to sleep from Apple, the latest Apple releases related to public health, where the company released the world recently, the feature of the ECG anticipated hours of Apple smartphone, which operates on the measured heart rate, the user has to notify him or her in time the need to visit a doctor.

The difference here between the ECG and Beddit, is that the first requires charging constantly, what makes them not suitable for long hours in the evening, unlike the tracking device safe sleep, which can be positioned simply underneath my bed, and to measure the activity of the sleeper accurately, no matter how long hours sleep.

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