Become the best in the world.. the specification of the MacBook Pro after upgrade Apple TV

Apple has announced it is working on upgraded MacBook Pro with an Intel Core of the army eighth and ninth centuries, this review the first time that the MacBook Pro configured eight-core, featuring models MacBook Pro new also designed a keyboard revised, where the MacBook Pro’s new 8-core performance two times faster than the MacBook Pro Quad-Core Performance by 40 percent more than the MacBook Pro tail 6 windows.

Said Tom Pogue, director of the first to buy a Mac Product in the Apple: “whether college students have mastered the course of study, or that the developers build universal apps or engine video movies fiction, we are constantly surprised about what our customers are using the MacBook Pro,” added Pooja: “now with processors with 8 cores to enhance a stunning performance, coupled with the Retina display is stunning, and storage fast, the battery life throughout the day, and run the MacOS, remains MacBook Pro the best laptop in the world.

Other features new in the MacBook Pro

آبل تعلن ترقية جهاز MacBook Pro ليصبح الأفضل عالميًاApple announces upgrade your MacBook Pro to become the best in the world

In addition to the processors the fastest you Apple the features of the MacBook Pros new feature the zoom to keyboard Butterfly, ask Apple keyboard on new devices MacBook Pros, The New 13-inch and 15-inch that was released today, did not make Apple any details about whether the design of the new keyboard will also have access to Mac other keyboard like the MacBook Pro.

Can Music Producers run multiple projects tracks huge with up to twice with extras Alchemy-ins in Logic Pro X, the designers can three dimensional display of the viewer at a rate twice as fast in Maya Arnold, as well as designers can apply the editing operations on filters by up to 75 per cent in Photoshop.

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Developers can compile the code at a faster rate up to 65 per cent in Xcode, customers can researchers account simulations of fluid dynamics knowledge at a faster rate up to 50 per cent in the TetrUSS, can for video editors to edit up to 11 broadcast multi-broadcasting in the time of one of the 4K video in Final Cut Pro X, a MacBook Pro and the new versions of the 13-inch and 15-inch starting at 1799 dollars and 2399 USD respectively, the new configuration is 8 Windows is only available in a MacBook Pro 15-inch and starts at the price of 2799 dollars.

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