Become a beta tester of iOS apps has never been just

Few people know that along with the beta-testing of updates, iOS users can participate in testing early versions of applications. Low level of awareness is that Apple deliberately limited the developer the right to involve testing a large number of participants, and therefore access to the beta basically get only the corporate testers, journalists and advanced volunteers. But with the release of iOS 12 the “iron curtain” fell.

Now the platform of distribution of test versions called TestFlight from Apple restricts developers the right to be allowed to test everyone. For this it was decided to introduce the possibility of creating a public URL on the application, which allows you to apply for participation in testing of applications. Thus, content creators will be able to significantly expand the audience of testers, improving the efficiency of preparation of the product to release.

What are the requirements to beta-testers

Participation in the beta testing of apps, regardless of developer is completely anonymous, free of charge and to nothing obliges users who send the request. The Creator will not see your contact details until then, until you send them, for example, when a report found in the Appendix errors. In this case, the developers will have the opportunity to contact you via e-mail.

In addition to access to beta versions of applications for iOS, TestFlight opens the possibility of testing programs for watchOS and tvOS. To do this, from program participant is required to be the owner of the device and to apply. Once the function of public beta testing the app will gain in popularity, it is possible that in the pages there will be links to registration on the early test versions of various games and utilities.

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