Because of them, many animals began to live at night

To the extent that, as people increasingly invade and destroy the habitats of wild animals, these animals come to the conclusion that the best way to survive is to pack up and move and go to the night lifestyle. This was the conclusion of a new study which showed that many previously day animals such as foxes, deer and wild boar, is the night to shelter from the fear of human activity. But the transition to night mode is not without its risks.

To work the researchers analyzed 76 studies that have examined 62 species of mammals on six continents — from possums to elephants have modified their behavior in response to human activities, such as hunting, agriculture and construction. The studies used various techniques to observe the animals, from GPS trackers to cameras, activated by motion.

At nightfall, the animals became much more active than it was before the appearance of humans. Now they hunt and feed in the dark. Mammals that distribute their activities evenly between day and night, increased their nocturnal activity to 68%, according to scientists at work in Science.

They also found that the animals changed their lifestyle in response to the appearance of people, regardless of impacted if they direct human activity. Thus, deer can become more active at night simply because you saw people around you, not because he was hunted.

Scientists believe that nighttime will not only enable humans and animals to coexist, but also give us clues about which conservation measures to apply. For example, you can limit human activities at a certain time in relation to certain types. But the transition to the night life will not go unnoticed for the animals. It can reduce the ability of animals to hunt and successful breastfeeding, and also to affect search pairs for mating. It turns out that despite the fact that the animals began to live the night life, this does not mean that they got rid of human influence.

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