Because of the ban Google.. Huawei postpone the release of this product

Reported the newspaper “the minors” to Huawei to postpone indefinitely the announcement of a new laptop running Windows, was unveiled this week, and is Huawei’s second largest manufacturer of phones in the world in terms of size, after the Korean giant Samsung and energy from the giant United States Apple.

The Prohibition of the U.S. government due to concerns expressed by American sources including the FBI and CIA and NSA and the Federal Communications Commission committee on intelligence of the house, where she was the core issue with Huawei is the concerns of its cooperation with the Chinese government and fears of the possibility of using its equipment to spy on the state and other companies.

Huawei stalling her laptop

Huawei تؤجل منتج جديد لها بسبب حظر الولايات المتحدة عليها

In May the president issued a Donald Trump is security prohibited Huawei from the United States, cut Google and Facebook, technology companies and other American relations with the Chinese company, was a giant Chinese telecommunications beleaguered planning to unveil a laptop in the gallery CES Asia to 2019 in Shanghai this week, did not specify a new date for the launch of your laptop, as the staff said Huawei.

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