Became known the cause of cancellation of the Oreo Android updates for the Galaxy S8 and S8+

In some countries owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the beginning of the week started to upgrade to Android Oreo. However, after some time Samsung has stopped sending updates. How could this happen?

According to the colleagues from sammobile, the reason for the stop distribution was randomly restarting a small number of devices. And that was enough to suspend the newsletter.

But what we have in the end? The company a few months have tested the update that released it later the usual, and significantly later than its competitors and is now suspended list. How to understand this? Buying a smartphone for the conventional 60 thousand rubles, the buyer not only iron, but also support from a reputable company is the largest in the industry. But instead, the owners of the flagship Samsung still can’t get the update.

The absurdity of the situation in the fact that in two weeks Samsung will show S9 and S8 meanwhile, last year on the old software. It certainly is not the norm, and the company is clearly necessary to approach the issue of development updates a little differently.

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