Beats is preparing to launch a new version of the wireless headsets in the month of April

Revealed the latest leaks about the plans of the mark of the Beats business, which back to buy Apple, where you can launch the updated headphones PowerBeats Wireless in the month of April next.


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Publication CNET leaks out of Apple, indicate that their brand Beats will be a new update to hear her wireless sports PowerBeats sport to request this version in the month of April.

The company revealed Apple recently announced the third generation of wireless headsets famous AIrPods, where came the new update is longer battery life with the assistant Siri built-in, along with improvements in chip H1.

Projections indicate that the headset Beats next will be nurses, which comes on top feature to take a voice command assistant Siri virtual also come with a microchip H1 improved with age better battery also.

On the other hand, didn’t come shopping on the reported level of pricing of the next version, however, the projections indicate that the price ranges between $ 200 to $ 250, headphone PowerBeats the previous 3 at a price of $ 199.


I know of

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