Beach Waves Live Wallpaper — the simplest app in the world

Decent games and apps in the store Google Play enough. After you run them once it becomes clear that the portrayal of the gaming models left sleepless nights, and the soundtrack matched perfectly. And if it is on the worldwide popularity of the service, for his idea are probably millions of investments. But not all business kind and thorough. Some are happy with the functionality of your creations in one action. Beach Waves Live Wallpaper — is one of them.

Beach Waves Live Wallpaper is personalization categories. The application has more than 50 thousand installations 662 rating and a solid average rating of 4.8 points. The name of the program speaks for itself — it really sets a live Wallpaper with waves on your desktop.

It would seem that for such a high rating should stand opportunities. At least it has dozens of options for screen saver, adjust the playback speed of animations ability to change background depending on time of day and so on, right? No.

The developers have gone in a special way. Inside the app only one screen saver. This is the wave that beats the shore. Looks realistic, runs smoothly. But users have no choice — you can install one screen saver and nothing more.

To change the playback speed, you can not, make other changes also prohibited. In the settings there’s a “live Wallpaper”, but clicking on it leads to the apps page developer. Other options — clouds and rain. If you want to change the situation, have to download a separate program.

Anyway, the screensaver is good. Users call the waves “live”, “pleasant” and even “clear”. Maybe they do enough of one type of animation.

Enough this to you? Do you plan to download separate apps for different skins and switch between them? Please share your answers in the comments under the article or Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

Application: Beach Waves Live Wallpaper
Developer: bullockcartapps
Category: Personalization
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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