Be careful! Popular photo gallery for Android is back on Google Play, but not everything is so rosy

I think that is not the only one, and you, like me, is also always a feeling of anxiety when a popular application is sold to a new owner. Sometimes everything goes well, but most often the change of ownership leads to more aggressive advertising within the application or other problems. So, QuickPic many years ago it was a popular application for creating photo galleries on Android, and now it’s returned to Google Play in your worse condition than ever.

For those not in the know, the app QuickPic purchased the infamous Cheetah Mobile in 2015. It was only a matter of time when the application is stuffed with all sorts of spyware and malicious advertising, and so it happened. At the end of last year, QuickPic has been removed from Google Play (along with other applications of the company) for fraud carried out with the fake clicks for the built-in app advertising banners. On this type of fraud we recently told you about.

Now QuickPic quietly returned to the Google Play and almost every new opinion is negative. Some of the many complaints include the inability to play video, graphics crashes, hangs, advertising, excessive memory usage, and not the mourners from the pictures gallery. Even worse, some can’t even access my photos that were backed up.

The app still has an average rating of 4.5 stars in Google Play, but most likely this will not last long. If you still use QuickPic, maybe it’s time to move on to Google Photos. Camera Roll, Memoria and the Piktures are also good options for viewing local files on your mobile device.

Application: QuickPic Gallery
Developer: Cheetah Mobile
Category: Photography
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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