Battle of the voice assistants showed that the most “well-read” — Google

Despite the fact that voice assistants in recent years, actively gaining momentum, the majority of citizens of CIS countries can not use anything except Siri. And Siri is not only the oldest of the current AI of this segment, but the weakest in its capabilities. It is hoped that in Russian Google Assistant will speak in the near future.

In General, most of us still can not fully evaluate voice assistants, but to see who is the baddest, still interesting.

Start with the fact that in February, there was a study of smart HomePod as Apple, Amazon Echo, Google Home and Harman Kardon Invoke. Was estimated that is the voice of helpers in these devices. It turned out that the product, Google has shown themselves to be the best, but the Apple product is the worst. In fairness, Siri in HomePod greatly curtailed.

Now, there is a study the same voice assistants (Siri, Alexa, Assistant and Cortana), but in a different form.

Assistants asked almost 5,000 questions of a General nature. Like “what is the name of the first President of the United States”, “what movies filmed by Christopher Nolan” or “how many nanometers in a kilometer”. That is, were not assessed nor the ability to work with navigation software, nor the ability to take notes, nor the ability to play music. Simply put, evaluated as assistants aware.

The results were divided into five criteria:

  • Did the assistant to answer verbally
  • Was used to answer the third-party database
  • Was used to answer the third-party source (like Wiki)
  • How often the helper did not understand the question
  • How often the helper has answered the question incorrectly initially realizing it

Won the Google Assistant if you use it on your smartphone. This AI fully answered correctly about 95% of the time, when he gave these answers, and attempted to answer approximately 78% of the cases. Assistant at smart as Google Home, as you can see, showed a bit worse results. Moreover, in terms of correct answers, he even lost Cortana, which I certainly did not expect. Alexa lost both, well, Siri… you can see for yourself. Correct answers it quite a lot, but attempts to answer — no.

It’s funny, but in comparison with last year, the percentage of fully correct responses increased only at the “Cortana”, and the rest fell.

But Alexa has greatly increased the indicator defines the percentage of attempts to answer the question.

And about the jokes. Probably many of you know that voice assistants alleged to make jokes.

As you can see, most of all Alexa is joking, although a year earlier the leader was Siri. Somehow, Google and Apple decided that the joke voice assistants have less.

Write in the comments whether you expect the Russian-speaking Assistant and Google would have bought some smart as if her voice AI was supported by Russian or Ukrainian?

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