Batch of 85 Trojans had infected 9 million Android devices

85 the activities of malicious applications in the Google Play led to the contamination of more than 9 million devices running Android, estimated by analysts from Trend Micro. These applications was among the hundreds, the removal of which was previously reported, Google. However, the search giant got rid of the malware from the original app store, but to repair the damage they have caused to users, the company didn’t even try.

The vast majority of the applications from the list Trend Micro disguised as various utilities to clean the RAM application to control appliances and video players, but there are also those for catfishing games, mostly racing. High popularity of titles of this type ultimately led to the fact that this attack was one of the most large-scale passive attacks that happened in Google Play over the past few years.

Viruses for Android

Almost all of the apps belonged to the type of advertising malware (adware). Getting on the victim’s device, they can run a web browser, view advertisements, but also to show users ads, from which it was impossible to get rid of. Such applications can bring their creators a tremendous amount of money, but when you consider that at their disposal — an army of at least 9 million devices, it can be assumed that they became billionaires.

Very strange that the algorithms Google Play failed to recognize in these applications are malicious. Despite this, Google boastedthat over the past year were removed from the Google Play store over 700 thousand potentially dangerous applications that, frankly, is not too close to the truth, if you remember that news about the invasion of Android Trojans appear almost every week.

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