Baseball players want judges in the game were robots

The sports world was dealing with a human error of the referees, arbitrators and judges decades — for the most part, it has become a tradition. But with the advent of technologies that can appreciate the game more accurately, some athletes are willing to remove the people who call balls and strikes over the field, replacing them with robots.

On Tuesday, the second player in baseball “Chicago cubs” Ben Zobrist, one of the most vocal supporters of changing the rules of baseball on the court software used dispute with the umpire (the so-called judges in baseball) as a reason to advocate for change in the League.

“That’s why we need e-area strikes,” said Zobrist. And with that comment broke a long-standing debate about automation in the sport.

A difficult choice for athletes: automation or human error?

Out! When people are watching baseball on TV — and in America this is a very popular sport graphics are frequently superimposed on action that shows real-time: feed (pitch) is getting ball or a strike. But the people-judges still give signals in the field, based on what we see with our own eyes. Increasingly, the audience and the players stand for something, to give you the right to judge technology.

Speaking about the opponents, Jason Gay wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

“Humanity and all its shortcomings — is an integral part of the sport, even when it means that judges are committing costly errors. Instant replays have their advantages, but they turn the game into a boring grind”.

What will be the solution? As an example, baseball can serve as professional tennis. Instead of firing all of the judges agreed to encourage cooperation between people and software and run the software Hawk-Eye, which will deal with the controversial decisions. The program is fast and accurate and even received the approval of the crowd. If baseball can find a similar system, traditionalists and fans of the technology will go further hand in hand.

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