Barriers to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency? The opinion of the Creator of Litecoin

We will remind, about the development of Ethereum previously told acne Buterin in an exclusive interview with Laura Tyres from Unchained. Journalists NewsBTC also decided to publish the material, choosing as his guest the Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee. The developer spoke about the global order before the LTC team, and also named several factors that will be key to the mass adoption of the crypts.

Insides from Lee

Bear market — a great time for productive work on your project. According to Lee, so developers are less distracted by the spontaneous jump rates and just carry out their tasks. For example, at the moment, the programmers of team Charlie are working on the integration MimbleWimble in the LTC blockchain.

By the way, the fall of Bitcoin in 2018 is almost identical to the bearish trends in the past. Lee notes a similar sentiment of the crowd, the patterns on the charts of crypto-currencies and even the magnitude of the fall. He recalls how several years ago people lost faith in the future growth of Bitcoin. We have not yet reached a similar state today.

Source: GoinDesk

Charlie also mentioned the purchase of shares of WEG in the Bank, which is financing the blockchain startups, and then touched on the topic of partnerships Litecoin Foundation with the UFC. It is noteworthy that many sports fans have come to kriptonyte just because of the image of Litecoin in the ring at one of the fights.

Finally, Lee spoke about the two main factors that still hold the stock market from mass adoption worldwide. The first of them — too high a volatility. Second — the issue of protecting the coins from theft by hackers. As long as we fail to “curb” market and find a more suitable technical solutions for storage crypt, expect a boom in the popularity of Bitcoin in the world simply stupid. And this takes time.


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