“Bandito”.. bracelets to protect you from Mosquito

No need now to use pesticides that are harmful to health and the environment in order to expel the mosquitoes or mosquitoes, there is no need to determine the extra cost in buying creams or paints, which they see not as a means of effective protection from mosquitoes, wearing bracelets hand “band Toronto” Bandito would do the trick.

Bandito Bandito is a wristband sound waves form a wall of protection into its existence against mosquitoes, which is safe for health totally, as to the frequency of sound waves inaudible to humans completely, so it’s unobtrusive too.

The wristband “band Toronto” Bandito battery available markets, they are replaced upon depletion of its energy, as there is a last key off to preserve the battery life when in the car or indoor free from mosquitoes, and the cost of the battery in order to operate the bracelet for about 500 an hour.

Not required to wear a bracelet to repel mosquitoes, it is possible to separate the top bracelet on the strap, and fastened on the chest, backpack, or near you during the time in the back.

Successfully funding campaign wristband “band Toronto” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, it is estimated that up to supporting it by next August at the price of $ 29 for one (£500 approx).

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