Baidu will test the unmanned vehicles in the suburbs of Beijing

This week, the Chinese government has adopted all necessary documents for Chinese search giant Baidu to begin testing Autonomous vehicles in the vicinity of Beijing, writes Reuters. China intends to compete with other countries that are actively implementing and testing unmanned systems transport control, so the government of China actively supports the development of such technologies.

Platform Autonomous driving from Baidu called Apollo 2.0. Now the cars equipped with it, capable to move independently on the main city routes day and night. The technology of Autonomous driving continues to improve. Developers report that it will continue its “polishing” until the end of 2018. To help improvement can real data that autopilot systems will collect as a result of its Autonomous travel on 33 suburban roads of Beijing, a total length up to 80 kilometers.

Baidu plans to use the Apollo 2.0 in public transport. Later the company will run buses on this platform as soon as you modify accordingly software. First bus the developers hope to launch next year, and mass production is scheduled to start by 2020.

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