Baidu ranked second in the world market speakers smartphone in the third quarter of this year


According to the latest enterprise Canalys specialized in the research, it appears that company is Baidu, which stands behind the biggest search engine in China is now the second largest seller of speakers smartphone in the world after the Amazon. Grew market share to buy Baidu, which sells its devices only in the Chinese market from 0.7 percent in the second quarter of 2018 to 17.3 percent now, which translates to an annual growth amazing reached 3700 percent.

The growth of the market of smart speakers as a whole grew by 55.4 percent during the period from April to June, resulting in a charge of 26.1 million units around the world. Among these shipments, the Amazon company shipped 6.6 million units, while the company has succeeded Baidu in a shipment of 4.5 million units, while successfully company Google in shipped 4.3 million units. For both the fourth and fifth Sessions, was given to each of Alibaba and Xiaomi, respectively.

Depended on the success of Baidu heavily on series loudspeakers smart Xiaodu and marketing force in China. The operators of local networks to integrate the products of Baidu in their offerings attractive to customers, which also contributed to increased sales figures. On this subject, said analyst Cynthia Chen of the company Canalys, said : ” this also means that Chinese enterprises and other major have the chance there, but in case if you are able to county employee of the marketing strength for Baidu “.

No longer the United States of America is the focal point speakers smart where shipments amounted to 6.1 million units, while amounted to 12.6 million units in China. Focus all of Google and Amazon to expand their reach outside of the United States of America where they were charging more than half of the speakers own smart during the third quarter to foreign markets.

Success depends on their ability to invest heavily in marketing and delivering products at affordable prices. Will continue to be top sellers in the experience of varying prices and different designs to try to provide attractive offers to consumers.

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