“Bagri” — to buy or sell something even easier

Not so long ago we told you about the app with the unusual name “Bagri” that allows you to quickly buy or sell anything both large companies and small businesses. During this time, the service has become one of the most convenient sites for the sale of products, designed for the B2B sector, and have done a great job not only on the mobile app for iOS, but its website.

To briefly explain the essence of “Bagri” — this platform allows you to quickly sell or buy goods in big volumes, this is its main difference from our usual flea markets, where you buy one iPhone, one Cabinet or set of wheels for the car. With the app you can buy and sell goods including as a private person, but the most effective “Bagri” will be for enterprises (mainly small and medium business). However, the b2c segment of the services paying close attention, so the “Bagri” you can find listings and consumers.

Navigate to the applications section, you can one-click — depending on what you need (buy or sell). In the section “My purchases” displays all current orders, and place new — just choose a category, enter the necessary parameters like quantity, price, and publish the offer. You can further view information of one of registered users have viewed your ad. If the desired product is still sold out, you can subscribe to a specific product — as soon as it becomes available, you will receive a notification on your iPhone.

One of the main advantages and exciting features “Bagri” is the ability of players of the B2B sector to participate in tenders. The company may act as a vendor and as a customer. In the first case it is possible to participate in the current tender, to put forward his proposal with the price and wait when organizer will choose you. The process of registration of trading is simple: the company creates a proposal with the required product in a few steps makes the distribution according to the existing in the application database of the suppliers sets the price and then waits for suitable options.

In addition, in the application you can also find the usual us free ads, collected from all over Russia and available to any company from B2B sector. As quickly as possible to find the right offer, provided the opportunity to look for the item in one category or another. So you can find the contractor for the delivery of construction materials, the same iPhone and not only.

Many changes have occurred in the web version of “Bagri”. Now on the website site offers full private office, where it is very convenient to track all your ads, purchases and auctions, view profile and much more. By the way, soon the developers promise a more convenient and informative personal account with additional features. Sometimes work on the computer even easier, and the way you can interact with the site and with the app for iOS.

We were pleased with the implementation of trading — are all made clear, but at the same time functions enough to place an offer, edit your request or participate in an already running tender in just a few clicks.

All this is available completely free, the commercial component will only be present when the promotion ad (in case if you want to sell the product faster). Initially, “Bagri” was Russia’s first mobile business platform for small and medium businesses, can not but rejoice that the developers are constantly adding new features to simplify work and lucrative deals.

Name: Bagri
Publisher/developer: Sbagry LTD
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: For iPhone
Reference: Install

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