Bagri is “Uber” for small and medium business

For any company small or medium business there is a need to market or purchase a particular product or service. In order to make it easier for companies in the process, opened the first in Russia online mobile business platform “Bagri”, where you can post your ads literally 2 clicks for the whole of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

“Bagri” allows players of the B2B sector not only to buy their desired product or service, but also to participate in tenders and create tender free of charge. For example, the company creates a request for proposals in its proper section of ads in the mobile app or website “Bagri”. Then, all users of this column, who ever submitted your ad with the merchandise or service, receive a push notification on the smartphone or on the computer. Thus, within seconds you can create for yourself tender the purchase with the participants throughout Russia directly and without intermediaries for the client base, which is in the ads you are interested in the topic. The reverse sequence of actions will allow your company to receive push-notification for participation in tenders for the supply of goods or services. You will only need to place your ad in the appropriate your business category is free too! You can also participate in the tender for the supply of goods or services directly without intermediaries throughout Russia.

Regular tenders are prepared in the appropriate category on the website, which can be in extended form with the technical documentation to create a tender for the requirements of your company. You can also play the role of the participant, after reviewing the requirements in the section that matches your organization.

In addition, “Bagri” became a venue for shops. Under “Shops” you can easily find the profile of your desired company to see what products she sells, and become more familiar with the range. For example, if you metallurgical equipment or office furniture, you can go to the store the relevant company and to communicate directly with her, as the profile already provided all the contact information about the company. It’s much easier than to check each ad individually.

The main page itself is tailored to your interests, showing the most relevant ads based on previous queries and transactions. Many companies in the “Bagri” spetsializiruyutsya on any one region, so for them it is especially important. It speaks to the quality of interface and ease of navigation.

And, of course, it would be strange to call the service “Uber” for small and medium business, if it has no mobile app. The latest version is available for iOS and Android, contains a lot of free classified ads collected from all over Russia that are available for any company from B2B sector. To quickly find the desired product or service, all announcements were distributed to their respective categories, which simplifies the search several times. A quick search of the necessary goods for different regions makes it even more convenient.

To switch between the main page, tenders and announcements you can use the convenient sidebar. There you can easily view all your ads and if necessary edit them, also you can create your tender or participate in existing ones. In chat rooms you will be able to contact a company in the easiest way possible, without disturbing the source. Services you can create a subscription for a category to track new ads of those goods or services in which you permanently or one-time need. This will help to always remain aware of the main proposals on the market. The bonus is the view of participants was that interested in your ad and viewed it, but for some reason did not call or wrote in the chat. You can view them and write to discuss more favourable terms or bonuses.

“Bagri” is a free site, but if you need to sell a product or service, then you can use paid options to promote ads, so the app contains in-app purchases. But even if you will not use these functions, you will still be able to buy and sell using the app “Bagri”. At the moment the service has a permanent audience, and the number of registered users exceeds 42 000.

Name: Bagri
Publisher/developer: Sbagry
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: For iPhone
Reference: Install

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