Badland Brawl — PvP with an emphasis on physics

Badland Brawl is a really ambitious game, which is constantly updated and gets a lot of new features. The main mode in the game is the multiplayer. The player plays against real players. The gameplay is the following: there is a field with two towers, one of which is yours, the other opponent. Tower is able to generate different clones, each clone has its own specific abilities. Using the catapult the player releases the generated clones that are on the map fighting with the clones of the opponent. Task — to destroy the tower, the generator of the enemy.

Due to the fact that we are playing with real players, make it pretty difficult. As you progress through levels, the player will be available in various eggs, discovering that it is possible to get different clones and improve the existing ones.

Having a lot of clones, they can complete the squad, which will be available during battles. Clones able to interact with each other. For example, if you throw a bomb, and then clone with the hammer, he when approaching a bomb hit it so that it will hit the enemy tower and exploded. In the game you can also create tribes for battle 2 to 2.

A huge plus Badland Brawl can be called a schedule, she is extremely bright, colorful. In addition, well-designed physics. Such a conclusion can be drawn on the behavior of arrows and other dynamic objects, such as bombs.

The quality of the game is not worse than the famous Badland, and it is not surprising, because the developer of these games one — Frogmind. If you are a lover of Clash of Clans and other similar games, Brawl you will love it. The only thing that can be confusing at first, this huge number of items on the menu, which complicate the interaction with the interface.

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App: Badland Brawl
Developer: Frogmind
Category: Strategy
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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