Backed with a lid of Frosted Glass.. leaks about Apple phones “iPhone” next

Revealed leaks modern about the advantages expected in phones iPhone iPhone, which is going to Apple Apple unveiled at the Mobile World MWC 2019 on 25 February.

It is scheduled to fire Apple’s 3 phones new of phones iPhone in 2019, including their phone has 3 cameras, and another screen “LCD”, as recognition by way of facial will be available in all three phones.

As to the three phones battery backed using 74 hours, cover phones supported glass crystal (cryogenic Frost) Frosted Glass like the Google Phone Pixel 3 (Google Pixel 3), next to that Apple has confirmed before that the phones new will connect fast to the internet with the UHF band width.
More recently, Apple has revealed about the operating system update iOS 12.1.3 for iPhone iPhone Air iPad and iPod HomePod, to avoid falling into other problems, such as the reality of the application “FaceTime” face time.

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