Awesome Sky — cool parallax Wallpaper for Android users

The window December, so the weather is hardly satisfactory. In the best case, happy flying by the snow, but the sun may not appear for several days. Usually it’s covered by a shroud of gray clouds, beyond which nothing is visible. If you missed the beautiful starry sky, help Sky the Awesome. The application will set animated Wallpaper support parallax effect as a bonus.

The program is responsible for one action, so the problems with installation and use does not arise. Immediately after the start enter the main menu. Made it not quite accurately, since the blocks in the left and right columns have a different width. The program offers to install live albums, go to settings and get to know more information. In addition, it promotes other of the developer program, which can please the user.

Before installing, admiring the Wallpaper in the preview mode. One click — and Desk transformed. Beauty.

The appearance of the animation can be configured. If desired, turn off the stars, clouds and comets. To conserve also has a option to disable parallax. In this case, the image will not move in accordance with change in the tilt of the smartphone, so it’s better to sit near the outlet.

The color of the sky changing by double click on the desktop. There is a choice of red, blue and green options. What did you like more? Don’t forget to share in Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

Screen saver can fly after a device reboot. The problem is likely to solve transfer applications to the phone memory from the memory card.

The animation works in the menu. The speed is high, the playback, with no lag.

Awesome Sky reflects its name. The developers have really been able to get a beautiful sky on your smartphone screen, and did so efficiently and professionally.

App: Awesome Sky: Parallax Space live wallpaper free
Developer: United Art Inc. Live Wallpapers
Category: Personalization
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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