Awesome features come camera LG G8 ThinQ

Next to the main camera phones was added during the last several years Camera vary in their functions, offers the advantage of isolating the background, including what offers zoom without quality loss, including what enhances night photography, and most recently was a camera time-of-flight that are exposed to the scene the three dimensions, so they are also called 3D camera.

In this View 20 andin Nokia 9 PureView sensors time-of-flight improving the photography experience in general, in addition to improving the work of the augmented reality applications, either in the LG G8 ThinQ provides additional features.

Revealed LG for a phone of its flagship officially the World Conference for the table, came a 3D camera for the first time as part of the front cameras to offer nurses the following:

Gestures air

Says Sensor trip time to draw three-dimensional map of the things around it, so it can recognize the movement of hand in front of him, which is what benefit for the LG G8 ThinQ in what is known as “the gestures of the air,” where the user can waving in front of the camera to answer or end calls, capture screen images, and even navigate between open applications.

Facial recognition in all three dimensions.

Prefer sensor time-of-flight, the front camera can create a three-dimensional image of the face like series iPhone X, but it is less affected by the ambient lighting, meaning they operate with high efficiency in the dark .

The imprint of the shroud

The camera can capture the image of the three-dimensional imprint of the palm of the user and even the veins of the shroud, and can then use this insight to unlock the device and applications.

This was a new functionality to a camera G8 ThinQ front, while the rear cameras are characterized by the status of video-Porter, where you can isolate the background during video recording.

Specifications LG G8 ThinQ

  • Screen Olid, 6.1 inches precisely 1440×3120 pixels
  • Processor Snapdragon 855
  • 6 gigabytes RAM + 128 gigabytes storage
  • Front camera 8 maps
  • Rear camera 12+16 maps
  • Water resistance IP68
  • Battery 3500 mAh
  • Android System 9
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