Aweber start a legal battle to stop the decision to cancel the work permit in London

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أوبر تبدأ معركة قضائية للحفاظ على رخصة عملها في لندن

Headed company uber technologies to the Court of Appeal in Britain to stop the decision to cancel the license of her work in London, having decided to regulatory authority transport for London TfL last September revoke the license of the work because of the record company in the field of safety, especially in the approach of the police in the reporting of serious criminal offences, the examination of the information about the drivers.

This means that the work of the company’s design exhibition in London, which is one of the most important markets of the European, but still the company has the opportunity to stop this decision because it did clearly make positive changes to their work in the recent period. It is considered that the selection of the Executive Director of the company House of sushi and the changes made by the police to face public criticism and development around the world.

Said Thomas de la Mare company lawyer aweber at the beginning of the hearing associated in the capital of the United Kingdom: “I have taken the regulatory authority of transport for London TfL is now developing a neutral, after it said in September that uber wasn’t decent to live in the city refused to renew the license of their work”. “We accept responsibility and accept the decision of TfL, which was the right decision at that time.”

For its part, said the lawyer regulatory authority transport for London TfL: “the list of issues with aweber is no longer charged directly to the transport authority TfL has been processed either by the changes introduced by aweber on their work or they relate to the authority which has to give them up now, however the judge must take into account the behavior of aweber over the course of their work”.

London is the largest market for uber outside of the United States, where it uses more than 3.6 million people applied regularly. He raised the ban shocking waves within the company, which was already suffering from multiple lawsuits and investigations around the world. Since then, the police tried to calm safety concerns, governance and organization in a series of challenges, including new restrictions on the running hours drivers appointments at the Board level.

Said de la Marie: “it’s a neutral with some of the doubts that have been expressed in different stages, whether the changes will actually work or not.”

LED leadership of the body of TfL to ban uber to send a clear message to technology companies that the government agencies have become more aggressive in achieving a balance between the interests of the so-called business models, New Economy business free gig economy versus the rights of workers and the operators, traditional.

As of March 2018 to become uber drivers accounted for 38 percent of out of 114,054 drivers own leasing activity in London, according to TFL in the documents of the trial.

Said the representative of the transport authority in the court documents: “training TFL these obligations to change within aweber, however the inclusion of these new standards and the corporate culture at uber London Uber London will take some time, and it will take some time also to fix the impression TfL about uber as a holder of a license.

Tom said giving the general manager of uber in the UK while being questioned in court: “after he left, Joe Bertram, former director of the company in the United Kingdom it was clear that the change will be uber London a better chance to move forward”.

Lawyer said the judiciary is available to Emma about in court: “the decision is up to your car to determine whether uber is now a suitable way, and if it is the conclusion of a license must call to make a license for short and subject to very strict”.

Will be about to decide whether uber has enough to get the license and keep it, and if it did, it also has the power to determine the length of the period of any license. In a hearing in April, suggested lawyers for aweber that license for a period of 18 months may be more appropriate than a license for a period of five years, which is usually given so the company can show the positive changes made by.

The said judge at the beginning of the meeting today, “I think that the license for a period of 18 months is too long”.

It is expected that the meeting for three days, to know you’ll get the company a license to work in London again with the application of the changes they promised, but if you didn’t get the license will be geared to appeal to a higher court. Knowing that it continue its work in London in the meantime.

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