AWeber makes its formal IPO on the New York Stock Exchange

أوبر تطرح أسهمها رسمياً للاكتتاب العام في بورصة نيويورك للأوراق المالية

The Uber progress in a formal IPO on the New York Stock Exchange after two weeks of driving its competitor in the field of transportation and Lyft this step, where you will be trading the shares of the company under the name “UBER” as stated in the book of the company which reached revenues last year’s 11.27 billion with a net profit of 997 million, taking into account the continuing loss of the company in the financial period where the loss in profit margin before interest, taxes, and to 1.58 million.

The report of the Wall Street Journal has pointed out at the end of last December to a capacity of AWeber to ask its shares to the public for Lyft, but it has now ranked the second after that was preceded by the recent success in its first banner in a NOAA report to quest AWeber to reach 120 million as the value of the market after the IPO.

It is expected that the announcement of the share value during the next period where the company will be under public trading in May, according to reports, the value of the stock might be at the rate of 48 – $ 55 to conform with the company’s vision and its quest to get to market desired.

For the most important figures covered by the book of AWeber for download as well as what has been mentioned above is the number of customers active in the last quarter of 2018 which amounted to 91 million people spread over 1.49 million trips during the same quarter in addition to the amount of the revenue total bookings services of a different company, which amounted to 11.48 billion.

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