AWeber has launched a new service to facilitate access to new administrative capital

Stated the CEO of Uber, Uber, that the company is working through her in Egypt, about 200 thousand people, means that the company has provided many job opportunities and contributed in reducing the unemployment rate, that as well as providing shuttle services accessible and good fun for everyone.

He added, during a meeting with Mostafa Madbouly chairman of the Council of ministers, on the sidelines of Davos, that Uber does not consider Egypt as a market for their services only, but rather as a regional hub for the company’s services in the Middle East, and then the company has to invest $ 100 million in the establishment of centres of excellence, and customer serving Africa and the Middle East and employs about 500 young Egyptian.

He pointed the head of Uber to the company’s launch of a bus service Uber Uber bus in Cairo recently, as innovative and fresh, with plans to expand the service to other major cities.

At the conclusion of the meeting, asked Madbouly driving company Uber to provide Lines bus Uber to transport passengers to the new administrative capital, which will open for FREE well to expand their services and facilitate the movement of staff to their work.

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