Aweber back to profitability thanks to its exit from Russia and South-East Asia


After several consecutive losses, has made uber’s profits the theory of accounting by $ 2.5 million of gross proceeds amounted to $ 2.6 million thanks to the amounts received from the sale of its business to prevent competitors in Russia and South-East Asia.

This profit is not actually of the company’s operations but resulted accounting in its financial statements thanks to received $ 2.9 million after the merger with my company Yandex and Grab, and to remove this amount it will have trimmed its losses quarter to $ 480 million compared with $ 1.1 million loss the previous quarter and $ 800 million loss the same quarter last year.

Got aweber a share of 27.5% of the company Grab the Singapore exchange out of the market, and she had agreed to merge its operations with Internet giant Russian Yandex exchange for a small share.

Started aweber reduce losses operational result of the slowdown in spending on marketing and incentives and free offers provided by the drivers and after that improved bookings and increased number of flights.

In total paid passengers $ 11.3 million via the app in the first quarter of the year compared with $ 7.3 million in the same quarter of last year.

Intends to aweber investment earnings from the sectors of food delivery and even the transportation of passengers in future projects like self-driving cars and even flying cars

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