AWeber add service Uber Transit to via public transportation to apply

أوبر تضيف خدمة Uber Transit للتنقل عبر المواصلات العامة إلى تطبيقها

Within its plans for the permanent development in the field of Transportation, announced the AWeber from the addition of public transport services and to their application, so that the service Uber Transit will help the public to travel freely between sectors and company policies to reach the goal as quickly as possible.

Aim AWeber through our new plan to motivate people to use different means of transport not only their own policies, where they have become provide public transportation service, in cooperation with train and bus, next to the offered services bike and Scooter.

With this expansion, will be able to passenger use more than one means of transport to move between one place to another, which provides faster alternatives easy – for example, the passenger used Uber cars to get to try and walk between the parking lot and the train station or the bus to reach the office required which takes a lot of time either walking or a ticket, but currently the process has become easier because everything is done via the app, also such as will begin his tour with a car to AWeber then you can say a bicycle or scooter to get to the station and then complete his voyage directly and easy.

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