Award a big free suffocating Amazon Echo

Award a big free suffocating Amazon Echo

Experienced hacking contest the annual Pwn2Own expect researchers security as the best of the Pirates after the development and testing of many of the piracy operations outstanding, including in the attack on your home help from Amazon: (Echo) Echo.

And won (Amat Cam), and(Richard Chu) – which constitute (team fluoroacetate) Team Fluoroacetate – a cash prize of $ 60,000 in rewards program gaps, yet enable them to exploit a loophole in the latest version of hardware (Echo): (Echo Xu 5) Echo Show 5, a device to help my house with a camera supported Assistant Amazon digital (Alexa) Alexa.

He (Bryant Journal) – the city of directly (Zero Day) Zero Day, a subsidiary of Information Security (Trend Micro) Trend Micro that restrict the Pwn2Own contest: the researchers found that the device uses the older version of (encases) Chromium – leading projects of browsers open-source of Google – and a loophole that allowed them full control over the device when you connect via network (Wi-Fi) suspicious.

It is indicated that this kind of gap happens when you try a mathematical process to create a number, but do not have enough space of memory, which never exceeded the number that do not find a place in the memory to the outside. Which can have security implications on the device.

After communicating with Amazon, said: “We are investigating in this research we will take appropriate steps to protect our devices based on our investigation”, but did not specify the measures to be taken to fix the security holes – or when.

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It is indicated that device (Echo Xu) wasn’t the only device connected to the internet in the stomach. Earlier this year, said organizers of the contest: he had a beggars chance to penetrate the Device (Portal) the Portal of Facebook. However, hackers from penetrating the device.

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