Authentication process on the feature electrocardiogram may take years in other countries

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

Without a doubt, the electrocardiogram is the most awesome in the new Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 4. However, this feature will not be activated for customers in the United States until later this year and perhaps for customers in Canada also in the future. But what about the rest of the world?

It’s disappointing having such a high-end technology components, and the ability to use it to the fullest, so the lovers of Apple all over the world will be eager to know when will be approved for this feature by the local authorities.

Unfortunately, things look grim where the site 9to5mac reports with the regulatory agency medical products and health care in the United Kingdom well-known acronym in the name of the MHRA about this and I told him that the process is simple but time-consuming. Will Apple make a study of a medical reporting agency MHRA before 60 days. Then the agency has 60 days to approve the study and allow for Apple to be launching. Depending on the size of the study, the entire process lasts from months to years.

But there’s one positive thing, the UK is still in EU, so if you have been approved to feature electrocardiogram by agency MHRA, it is possible to be approved for this feature by other agencies on the situation in the rest of the European countries as well. There’s another interesting truth is that Apple got FDA approval in the United States just one day before the announcement of the smartphone arena.

So if you are looking to buy the Apple Watch Series 4 for the EKG only, you may want to play with a paper wait at the moment. According to what we see now, it has not been approved for this water all over the world until the launch of the next generation.




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