Aurora’s largest computer systems at a cost reached $ 500 million

Use the United States to participate in the competition to larger computer systems giant, where he developed a system of computer giant knows بAurora supported by the chip and Intel and to the cost of $ 500 million.

Aurora supercomputer

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Aurora is the largest computer systems giant, which developed from the Argonne National in the United States, where it is scheduled to end in 2021, to know later 1 exaflops.

Has Aurora performance wins the performance of the larger systems made by IBM five times more, it also comes perform the best 8 times more than the case of the giant who was the second during the past year, and won the titles of best computer systems giant, in an event that took place in China.

I have included areas China 500 system is suitable back 227 system to China, while the United States the number 109 of the computer systems giant, so I can’t certainly at present on the level of performance of the Aurora between the systems giant that will be from China, Japan, France in 2020.

Featuring Aurora processing units of the Intel Xeon with Intel for the computer systems giant, is also scheduled to be built Aurora on a number 200 server in an integrated system characteristic of the highest performance.

Also developed the Argonne computer system Aurora giant to support the next generation of techniques of artificial intelligence, with the best in some of the current problems, such as forecasting the weather, quick access to medical treatment, best suited, etc. from other purposes.

Recall that the expenses of the appropriate exascale is offering her $ 10 million at the level of the world since 2018, and even 2022, a large proportion in the total cost of the development of computers supercomputer or computing technologies that are up to $ 130 million.


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