Augmented reality stormed the App Store

Applications based on functionality which is augmented reality, is popular among owners of iPhone and iPad. Its findings lead analysts from the Sensor Tower.

According to the report of the analysts, the App Store has been downloaded more than 13 million applications that support ARKit since the launch in September 2017. Considering that only in the App Store about 2,000 such programs, to doubt the success of augmented reality is not necessary. Here is a graph of the downloads from September to March of this year.

The most popular applications that support ARKit were playing — they accounted for nearly half of all downloads. In second place, utilities, and educational projects took only 4 %.

A set of tools ARKit presented developers conference WWDC 2017, is a new look at augmented reality technology. Develop the ability to recognize the dimensions of the surrounding space and to take into account the lighting conditions in order to reliably integrate virtual objects into real life. Now it is the biggest platform of augmented reality in the world.

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