Augmented reality in sports: new uses in training and rehabilitation of the players

الواقع المُعزز في مجال الرياضة: استخدامات جديدة في التدريب وإعادة تأهيل اللاعبين

Hundreds of businesses and investments of more than $ 2 billion during the year just past, planning the techniques of augmented reality and virtual reality – AR/VR at a steady pace towards expansion in more areas and applications. Entered the techniques of augmented reality the beginning of the Year current actual in business in sport, but suggested that currently available to enhance the experience of watching sports and follow different sports.

Will become, soon, the experience of watching sports events through augmented reality glasses are commonplace, so that he can love sports to get a tour inside the stadiums and speak freely to share their sport detailed all possible angles, and the renewal of approaching the being inside of sports stadiums effectively. The “connections” has been announced in the month of March the past about bringing this technology to the markets of the UAE, there is no doubt in the fact that it will be more prevalent over the next year.

But keep the use of augmented reality in the field of athletic training and rehabilitation of the players, and help nurture sports talent is limited and elements used on the amateur category without recognition for currently in the area of professional sports.

Companies seek Global many to change that in the near future, will be the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 next month to review several products may make the use of augmented reality as a means recognized in the field of athletic training will soon become a reality.

Among those companies Sense Arena of America, which will showcase an integrated system of virtual reality is used to train players of the sport of hockey, and ice hockey, and also rehabilitation professional players before they return to the stadiums after the physical injuries prior. The company is working on being sports one of the sports physical violent faced players where the risk of injury, which makes use of a system of virtual training and rehabilitation makes sense.

Puts the augmented reality system developed by the company the player in an environment to imagine trying to actually quite used to the player when the racket of hockey, just as if you were in a match effectively, and can adjust the system for the implementation of several training scenarios, in addition to an accurate system to record the player’s performance and focus, and the accuracy of his movements. The company conducted tests for the system have 5 teams hook different in 5 countries around the world, used during the 320-player system in training and rehabilitation.

Will be available at a price ranging from 3500 to 5500 USD, with the license per month for use is determining the cost depending on the number of players on the team. It won’t be this only the beginning, most likely, to use augmented reality commercially effective in the training of professional players, which may carry with it the broad prospects of that industry.

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