Augmented reality AR and its impact on the growth of the business sector

Virtual reality technology VR as well as augmented AR is very popular in the entertainment aspect so that Apple itself review some of the games in their own conferences. But if we look at what is behind the apps games and entertainment, we will find that there is an urgent need to spend each institution some time thinking about how to exploit the library of EN your AR and used extensively in the commercial activities of those companies. Would that impact in the growth of the business sector dramatically in the near future? Or is it difficult to integrate them into your business now?

تقنية الواقع المعزز AR وتأثيرها على نمو قطاع الأعمال

When Apple launched its package ARKit your AR, I received a wide resonance as the other said try it out of curiosity and they said run times are on the fingers of the hand. We mentioned in the more of that the future will be that which invest Apple’s billions. Since this is a big focus and the utmost attention of the companies on that tech and work to develop continuously, confirms that they throw beyond just using it in a game or entertainment application. Exciting that in recent times has increased the demand for such property by the companies that are looking for ways new technology to reach customers and influence them.

Worn out companies to exploit the technology of augmented reality

Since Apple launched its package ARKit, immediately using some large companies such as IKEA home furniture, and exploitation through creating apps of their own. And recently, using their company Curry’s specialized in the sale of home electronic appliances based in London. Consumers benefit from seeing their products in their own homes before buying, so have a balance and level between those companies and their clients. This is the change of ancient philosophy for retail sale, where it became that environment-based in which the consumer and merchant allies is through his knowledge of people’s needs and meet their requirements. That’s what made Apple make it “retail” significantly, despite predictions that she will do in this step. The truth is, Apple is so focused on the importance of long-term relationship between them and the customer.

By concentrating companies the direct relationship between them and customers, find a company like STM is specialized in production of bags for computers, laptops, tablets and phones. Has launched an application that supports augmented reality on iOS, Android and allows users to actually experience the bags. adjust it on their device before buying it. What’s interesting here, is the company’s claim that the explore product in that way led to increased sales by 30% via the internet. This is particularly difficult in the retail, but it seems that users of electronics like to use technology at all.

No problem with the existence of augmented reality technology

There are some industries, especially heavy ones, it is difficult to provide industrial units pilot customers for testing. Therefore, provided the platform Showpad facilities through the application that supports augmented reality to allow the experience of heavy equipment and customized and tuned nicely before the arrival of her real.

Thus these services to explore the work environment and what suits them and understand the real problems and solve them before they occur.

The course will expand the use of augmented reality, especially in medicine, education, communications, and even Air Traffic Control. It will become imperative for companies to integrate it in their dealings and build relationships with customers or between themselves and other companies. It is expected to reach a market value of virtual reality and augmented reality to nearly $ 142.4 million by 2023 according to a report by BCC Research.

Do you expect entry of the augmented reality technology widely in business in the future? Will it be practical and useful? Tell us in the comments.



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