Audio does not go out of your budget: our selection for high quality from reputable companies at a price at your fingertips

Represents ear headphones head one of the product categories confusing for users, especially non-professional, due to the huge diversity in the types, their characteristics, their quality and, most importantly, their prices ranging from one dollar and even thousands of dollars, and what makes it more complicated is that it is difficult to predict the quality of the sky and of the description of the product and technical specifications on the shopping sites.

The list includes the following our selection of three products from that category are all involved in several important qualities in common; they offer fantastic value for the price, belong to the medium category of headphones that gives you audio quality is good without destroying your budget at a cost of up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. You personally experience and test all the products included in that list.

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Headphones Koel Balanced Armature from Brainwavz

Possess the Brainwavz name is shiny in the market of audio high quality, the company offers a large range of headphones in different price categories starting from $ 20 and up to $ 400. Longer headphones Koel Balanced Armature one of the company’s products unique posed by the newly which have favorable price with quality design very high sound quality and excellent processor voice belongs to categories higher than the heavens.

Headphones Koel are headphones wired made carefully from a combination of resin liquid (resin) is printed by three-dimensional printing to improve on the headphones is attractive, the curvature is smooth, the color of the lips can separate and connect the cable from the fish pieces are exactly the same.

In addition to the attractive design includes the speaker sound processor advanced name of Balanced Armature made in our experience the headset sound quality belong to the higher categories, many of those headphones that does not exceed the rate currently $ 50. In my personal estimate is that the sky of one of the best products in terms of value for price in the category headphones wired.

Headphones Matrix Cinema wireless MEE Audio

Offers this selection of company MEE Audio, which is famous by products integrated belongs to the economic category of high quality, another option ideal for those looking for best value for price in category wireless headsets.

Priced headphones Matrix Cinema equivalent of US $ 120, in fact, that the heavens do not offer exterior design or materials striking in terms of luxury or luxury, what you get is the wireless headset has a traditional design to a large extent, but for every dollar you put in those headphones, you certainly will get the features and properties of the process already.

Provide Matrix Cinema is one of the largest batteries in this category of wireless headphones, where it lasts for up to 30 hours of listening each time on a single charge. Been supplying fish and also processor voice $ 40 mm with built-in microphone to receive calls on your phone, and advanced system to adjust the audio settings automatically via choose between 4 styles different sound from the heavens itself. Includes vocal styles backed style to listen to the sounds clarity for phone calls and talk shows television for example, and a special style of music and another for movies.

But the most important here is that you will notice a quick difference in the speed of transfer images wirelessly through a special processor from “Qualcomm” was provided these headphones so I don’t feel any delay in the transfer of sound when watching movies. The difference seems obvious especially if you move from one of the wireless headsets, the oldest two years ago or more.

She added MEE Audio to further add to the value of the fish, although simple, was the cable a traditional to connect the headphones wired if you want to use it with one of the devices that do not support Bluetooth, especially while traveling by plane if you wanted to connect it for the entertainment in the aircraft.

Wireless headphones luxury from Satechi

Don’t make Company Satechi as one of the makers of the acoustics specialists. But this option is suitable specially for those looking for headphones design and materials luxurious and striking but at the price does not belong to the category of sky luxury.

Longer these headphones are the only product in the category of voice of the company, sold at a price of 69 USD. Come to these wireless headsets that support Bluetooth 4.0 design and intense gravity lines are aligned with the design of the computer and the MacBook in particular was high quality, made of polished aluminum, luxurious, with a plot very comfortable the ear made of skin.

Provide headphones Satechi what you need from the basics, they carry a built-in microphone, buttons to health and receive phone calls, Cable AUX for use with entertainment systems in aircraft and other devices that don’t support Bluetooth. I can’t classify the sound quality here as the best, but at that price the quality is without doubt very suitable to the user’s traditional, not geek as rich characters in the comments sound very purity.

Headphones Mixcder E7 with insulation active noise

This is probably one of the cheaper options available in the category of fish that supports the insulation property of active noise surrounding the (Active Noise Cancelling) full support. Come the heavens of the company Mixcder which offers a full range of low-cost products, the price of this version specifically 59 USD.

Technology insulation activity through the microphone captures the sounds of the noise surrounding the user and the heavens on the launch of the sound waves opposite to those of noise in order not to feel by the user. Offering E7 side button is used to activate the property, as a result of the insulation is very good, although depth was the same sound intensity الBass not the best at all.

Come headphones the design is simple but good, with pieces of the skin for the comfort of the ear serve this purpose satisfactorily. Battery life headphones for 18 hours of playback-related, come to the heavens accompanied by the fact a good protection during the movement.

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