Audi will spend $ 16 billion on electric cars and cars self-driving

Audi E-Tron SUV

Centered the future of Transportation on electric vehicles and cars self-driving. This is something accepted by all major manufacturers and to cars. These companies are now invested huge funds to stay in the forefront and boot to big it will be the car market in the next few years. Don’t want Audi German to lag behind, so they decided to now spend up to $ 16 million for this purpose.

Audi is one of the brands many of the group Volkswagen Group. The company’s Audi that it will invest up to US $ 16 billion in electric car technology cars self-driving.

The company had previously revealed its plans for electric cars. She said in the year 2015 to one quarter of the Audi, at least that will stay in the United States by 2025 will be plug to electricity. Aim of Audi to offer 20 models of electric cars by 2025, and this group models are fully electric and models of hybrids.

Will invest $ 16 million through the year 2023, note that it will spend this investment on equipment, infrastructure and factories in addition to research and development. Company expects the Audi to the total expected expenditure over the five years to 45 billion USD.

On this subject, stated the chairman of the board of management of Audi interim, Mr. Bram Schot said : ” We are taking a systematic approach towards electric transport and we will be more focused in future“, he added : ” We give priority constantly to our products and services of the future that are considered very attractive and relevant to the peace “.


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