Audi using virtual reality preparation for electric car

The company announced the Audi Middle East for the start of training sessions based on the virtual reality network of agents willing to move to electric cars access car Audi e-tron to the region. Provide technical default paths for realistic and safe on the techniques of highly sensitive, such as battery high voltage.

With the launch of Audi’s first model of electric cars full, face sections, sales and service at Audi Middle East, New Challenges. In this context, said Carsten Bender, executive director of Audi Middle East said: “We aim to provide our partners the best form of support during the transition to the era of electric mobility, as work on the harmonization of the Digital didn’t offer its training courses at the same time”.

Added Bynum: “so the Audi works vigorously on the preparation of concepts for innovative training to rise to the level of qualifications required. And we can now use virtual reality to be a cornerstone in this process.”

In the space provided by the virtual reality, the service technicians now training on the most important component in the context of the e-tron new: high-voltage battery. And talk to technicians, in the framework of these courses the practical, step-by-step how to open the battery or change the mailbox keys electric or battery change.

What sets apart the training based on virtual reality is the ability of Audi Middle East, thanks to digital technology, on the introduction of training courses quickly and efficiently and at a high level in the region. Thus became the professional level as optimal for the new model even before its release on the market. In addition, it has become possible for employees of Audi and cadres of the agents now learn the new technique very sensitive in the virtual space without any risk, and they can determine the rate of speed of the training themselves. Also increase the elements of fun which involved the default of the payer of the learners at the same time.

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Dependent training, virtual reality ad hoc to provide the service to solve the digital product ensures coordination with all departments of the company. Solution includes digital pre-programmed interactions to the standard, details can be found on the design menu, as is the case for the battery, and incorporated into the templates, current environmental. This is what leads to reduced costs of production and development, makes the use of virtual reality in product lines affordable.

The augmented reality, which combines real and virtual worlds, it is the other is still under development, with the development of Audi Middle East application of the ad hoc expert auto body have agents. This allows the app to experience the Audi e-tron through the three-dimensional model of the real world on a computer tablet. Then you know the animation service technicians repair steps every part in detail.

Is available training content of the special models still to come for all the service partners around the world on the form of a database cloud and can be accessed flexibly as needed.

Commenting on the training unit the new virtual reality, said Carsten Bender, executive director of Audi Middle East said: “the move towards digitization and electric mobility requires new modes and qualifications sufficient to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in the Middle East to the fullest, we are proud to be one of the first in the world in the use of these media with the network of agents”.

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