Audi postponed the launch of its first electric car due to the shortage of batteries

Audi E-Tron SUV

According to a new report, it appears that the delay in obtaining the batteries needed forced Audi to delay the delivery of its first electric car the Audi E-tron. It seems that the company is unable to obtain a sufficient number of batteries from LG Chem, a company that provides this vital component of their policies electrical.

LG Chem is a significant player in the market of batteries. This company supplies lithium-ion batteries for some of the largest car manufacturers in the world, including but not limited to Mercedes-Benz and Audi. It is believed that the company benefit from this dominant position by raising prices lithium ion batteries intended for electric vehicles.

Newspaper Brussels Times that the period of waiting for batteries from LG Chem rose from just two months to seven months. This will lead to reducing the rate of production of the Audi also. Additional delay will disrupt plans of Audi to launch thousands of additional units of its electric car the Audi E-tron.

Newspaper Brussels Times also that Audi will make 45 thousand only units of the Audi E-tron electric this year, lower by about 10 thousand units of the number of planned production in the original. The report alleges also that it was postponing the launch of the electric car second in the lineup, the Audi E-tron to the next year because of the problem of shortage of batteries.

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