Attacked buses Apple is trying to catch with baits

In early January, unknown persons attacked four busescarrying Apple employees in the company campus. Arrow allegedly used small stones or air gun. The attackers have still not caught, and the police decided to go to the trick to solve the crime.

According to Business Insider, law enforcement agencies began to use the special bus-bait to identify the personality of malefactors. In some cases, police officers are buses provided by Apple and Google to in case of attack quickly to beat it and catch the shooters.

We will remind, from-for what happened, Apple changed the shipping routes of many employees, which they now get to work 30-45 minutes longer. Only private buses in the area, there were about 20 shots.

The motives of the attackers remain unknown, but some residents of San Francisco complained that because of the emergence of free shuttles for employees of the technical companies that operate outside the city, increased housing prices in the area.

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