At&T filed a lawsuit against 224 million. The reason of the theft of the crypts due to hacking smartphone

Last week analysts at Trend Micro spoke about the growing number of proposals for the sale of software for hacking of cryptocurrency ATMs. This software will cost 25 thousand dollars.

To hack a smartphone sometimes more expensive than to access the ATM. However, in some cases it’s worth it — for example, last year hackers twice broke into the smartphone co-founder of Bitangels, Michael Turpin and stole a total of $ 24 million from his wallet. Now the entrepreneur has filed a lawsuit against telecommunications giant AT&T for the same amount, accusing the company of assisting the hackers. This writes

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In a 69-page lawsuit filed in the Turpin court of the state of new York, investor accuses the company’s employees in assisting the hackers. According to him, only thanks to the help of “the insider” from AT&T the attacker managed to access its SIM card and request an SMS password to confirm access to the cryptocurrency wallet.

Imagine that you have a hotel. You give a criminal the key to the safe in which the client left a large sum of money, so he took it. It did AT&T.

In addition to the return of 24 million dollars, Turpin demands from the company compensation in the amount of $ 200 million. The investor is reminded that AT&T has repeatedly received allegations of manipulation of SIM cards, and now “for the management of the company it’s time to answer for it.”

An AT&T representative in conversation with the newspaper said that the company disagrees with the charges against the co-founder of Bitangels and intends to file a counterclaim to the owner.

What happens — time will tell. Expectations will brighten up in the best cryptodata the world.

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