Atari announces cooperation with Antstream for the device by the domestic law of VCS

Atari VCS

Was Atari Corporation previously announced its intention to return to the market of household appliances through the device of the new VCS, and that mimics the design of the old games of the company. This device will the games company Atari of old, as Will the ability to play music, surf the internet, run applications, and other advantages.

And feel users concerned that the company had promised to talk about the device in the summer, but that didn’t happen. Despite that, the Atari cooperation with Antstream, which provides service to broadcast classic games, and it is through the launch of exclusive copy of their application for the Atari VCS, these women will be in more than 50 game of Atari games through a subscription. And will the cost of the service to$ 10 per month or 96 per year.

The device outline of the chest in March 2020.

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